Welcome to Adult Bouldering League. Find your competitive spirit, form a team, and go head-tohead with other climbers at both Vertical Adventures and Chambers to earn points each week. 

Here is what you need to know:

Teams are comprised of 4-6 people, and each team must have a name. Teams sign-up through 5.Life here, make sure to list your team name during the signup process, AND must be registered on Vertical Life Smart Scorecard via the following steps:

    1. Visit https://www.scorecard.info/en/5-life-bouldering-league
    2. Click Login at the upper right corner, sign into your account or click Register to create a new one.
    3. Click Enroll in this competition, select Main as category, and then select your team in the second drop down. (Note: Teams will not be available until 48 hours before the first week of the league each month.)
    4. Score routes by number with the scorecard button at the base of the page.


    Scoring is all done through smart-scorecard, no paper cards will be issued or tracked. All routes are numbered corresponding to the smart scorecard, the route numbers can be found by the Finish hold on each boulder problem. The scoring system is a team-based system, in which each climber’s top 3 scores are averaged with those of their team mates to create a team score each week for both Vertical Adventures and Chambers. These scores are then totaled to determine the overall team rankings each month.

    The winning team each month will be immortalized on the Bouldering League Champions Plaque.

    The schedule is the same each week at both locations. The competition at Vertical Adventures begins on Tuesday nights at 5 PM, and runs until the following Monday at 10 PM. The competition at Chambers begins on Thursday nights at 5 PM and runs until the following Wednesday at 11 PM.

    Reach out to any staff member or contact eli@5.life with questions about the signup or scoring process.