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Where: Chambers
When: First Monday of the month
Cost: FREE, Must be a Vertical Adventures Member

July: Crush those Crimps – Hangboarding and Finger


Ever wonder how strong your fingers are? Get ready to crush those crimps as we take you through a clinic all about the ins and outs of hangboarding to train finger strength. You’ll leave with the tools to assess your own strength and some training workouts to add to your collection.

August: Structuring Your Session for Different Goals

There are countless ways to train here at Chambers. Learn how to structure your session to maximize your output, specialize your training, and ultimately reach your climbing goals.

September: Spotting Basics and Bouldering Safety

Paws, not claws. The most important thing you can have for outdoor bouldering is a good spotter. Join us as we dive into the complex considerations we must make as spotters to protect a climber during their outdoor bouldering ascent.

October: Hand, Finger, and Skin Maintenance

Delve into the most important tools in the climbing world: our hands, fingers, and skin. We’ll discuss anatomy and common injury prevention and recovery to keep our hands performing at their best.

November: Bouldering Ground Game: Techniques for

Training Mental Strength

Frustration and failure are facts of life while training but getting sucked in can slow your ability to advance. Learn techniques and methods for training that will allow you to lose your ego and train at your best. We’ll focus on how different breathing, pre-climb routines, and techniques can help keep your head in the game.

December: Body Weight Strength Training for Climbing

Up your climbing game by upping your fitness game. We’ll guide you through a variety of bodyweight workouts that can be done at Chambers and focus on strength gaining to help you send your project.


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