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Members Clinics

Where: Chambers
When: First Monday of the month
Cost: FREE, Must be a Vertical Adventures Member

March: Body-Weight Oppositional Muscle Training

Want to kick start the year by taking care to avoid injury? We have all the oppositional muscle training workouts you can do here at Chambers and we’re eager to share.

April: Guidebook to Local Bouldering

The nearby outdoor bouldering opportunities are endless, from Athens to Coopers and Moore’s Wall. Gather with us and discuss local areas, classic lines, and all the beta for your next outdoor bouldering road trip.

May: Dancing on the Ceiling – Best Bouldering Drills for Power in Roof Climbing

Extreme features call for extreme techniques. This clinic will cover advanced movement drills and training that are specific to the moves you need to dance on the ceiling and pull through to the roof party.

June: Crush those Crimps – Hangboarding and Finger


Ever wonder how strong your fingers are? Get ready to crush those crimps as we take you through a clinic all about the ins and outs of hangboarding to train finger strength. You’ll leave with the tools to assess your own strength and some training workouts to add to your collection.


614 237-2377
1165 Chambers Road
Columbus, OH 43212

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