Adult Bouldering League

Find the competitive spirit, form a team with your friends, and go head-to-head with other teams at Climb Nittany. At the end of each session, scores for each week will be totaled and a winning team each session will be immortalized on the Bouldering League Champions Plaque and receive a $400 cash prize. 

Date: 8 week league, October 27th – December 22nd
Time: 5 – 9 PM
Cost: $30 for members, $60 for non-members

Bouldering League 2
Team Requirements:

  • Teams must be comprised of 4 Climbers; all climbers are welcome. Team name must be presented at the time of signup, name can be changed. Scoring will be done on paper scorecards handed out during League times.
  • Non-members do not have to pay for entry during the League meeting time but will be required to pay for entry outside of League meetings.
  • See any gym staff to assist with registration questions or email the Bouldering League Coordinator at Joe@5.life. 

Rules and Scoring:

  • Each climber will have their top 3 boulder sends averaged with that of the other climbers on their team to give each team a weekly score.
  • Each team will have their scores totaled at the end of the session to determine the winner.
  • Scores will be based off your registered flash grade.
    • Flash grade sends will be worth 200 points
    • one grade above flash will be worth 1000 points
    • two grades above flash will be worth 2000 points, etc.
    • ex – if your flash grade is Orange you would earn 200 points for sending an orange, 1000 for sending a blue, 2000 for sending pink etc.
  • Each team will have their lowest week’s score dropped from the final score.
  • Climbs will be limited to the two newest sets at Climb Nittany.
  • All climbs must be seen and signed by someone not on your team, so another team or staff member during meeting time. Videos do not count.
  • Opportunities for bonus points will include posting and tagging @climb_nittany and/or @climbingby5.life with the hashtag #NittanyABL #Climb814.

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🦃Holiday Hours🦃 We will close early on Wednesday, November 23, at 6 pm. Thursday, November 24, we are closed.

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Everyone loves a fresh set! 😍We’ve got 15 new boulders on the 50 for you. Let us know how you like them!

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👀 Lots of holiday happenings coming up soon! Whether you are looking for that next piece of gear or giving the perfect gift to the climber in your life, we have you covered!

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🚨Routesetting Update🚨

Is that Nathan crushing a white boulder?!? Kind of! He’s crushing the White/Orange tag boulder! We have switched grade identification from hold color to tag color 🟣🟢⚫️🟡🟠🔵🐽⚪️

Why the change?
This change will offer a greater variety of hold types in different grades and a chance to hit a higher quantity of routes in the gym. Particularly on the steeper angles, it will provide opportunity to fill the wall with new movement and diversity.

Feel free to check in with the welcome desk if you have questions or concerns. As always, enjoy the climbing!

❤️- CN Routesetting Crew

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Sign up for the Adult Bouldering League! Register your team for the 8 week league. $400 cash prize for the top team. Ages 16+ can register.
Thursdays from 5-9pm. Register today! Link in bio.

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