It’s my first time, what do I need to do? EVERYONE entering our facility is required to sign a waiver and complete a brief orientation.
Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for them and watch the orientation video. Supervision guidelines apply to all youth climbers.

Save time and get FREE Gear: Click here to complete the waiver and watch the online portion of our orientation video. When you arrive at the gym we’ll provide a quick demonstration and then you can get to climbing.

Do I need to take a class or make a reservation to climb at your facility? Nope, we are open to the public during regular hours of operation—all you need is a day pass, punch pass, or membership to use our facility.

If it’s your first time climbing, we do recommend taking our Discover Sport Climbing class, $39 to learn all the basics of belaying in our facility. Advanced registration is recommended. Book Here

Can kids climb at Climb Nittany? Yes! After completing a waiver and orientation, kids are welcome to climb in our facility if parents are following proper supervision guidelines:

Under 18 years old
A parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver and watch the orientation video.

Under 14 years old
Not permitted to belay (hold the rope)

Use of the Auto-Belay Machines (a device that holds the rope), requires an adult who has completed the Auto-Belay Orientation to double-check the climber before every climb.

Must follow these supervision guidelines:

4 years and under can climb within arm’s length of their supervising adult. Each adult can only supervise two children this young at a time.

5-7 years old can climb under direct supervision (can see and hear them at all times) of an adult. Each adult can only supervise two children this young at a time.

8-14 years old can climb under direct supervision (can see and hear them at all times) of an adult. Each adult can only supervise three children this young at a time.

Alternately, we offer youth classes check them out here.

What kind of climbing do you offer? We have bouldering which is climbing on shorter walls with no rope and lots of padding; top rope walls where a rope has been fixed at the top of the wall and a climber requires the support of a belayer; and we have lead climbing which is where experienced climbers clip the rope into the wall as they climb up. We also offer a handful of auto-belay devices.

Can anyone belay or lead climb? To belay or lead climb at our facility, you must first pass a proficiency test with one of our team members. Our team members are available most days and times to conduct a proficiency test, no appointment required.

Kids 14 and over may belay after completing this waiver and passing a proficiency test with our staff.

If you’re new to climbing, we also offer Discover Sport Climbing and Develop Introduction to Lead classes to help prepare you, but the classes are not required to take the tests.

What is good gym etiquette? We’re so glad you asked! Climbing is dangerous, so you must always be aware of your surroundings while in the facility. Keep space between climbers, don’t walk between an active belayer and their partner, and don’t hold ropes if you’re not ready to use them. When bouldering, stay off the mats until you’re ready to climb, down climb a few holds when possible to avoid jumping from height, and if you fall hug your arms to your chest, land on your feet, and roll onto your back to disperse the force. See our orientation video for more information!