Our mission at 5.Life is to cultivate and develop a community that is passionate about climbing. Outdoor climbing is integral to stoking that passion. We love outside climbing. Why do you think Carrie and Alexis built the gym in the first place? Why else would we tolerate pulling plastic if it weren’t for our love of actual rock? We want to keep access to the crags we have and to support the opening of new ones.

As part of this, we launched One Dollar for Access. We challenge each member to add $1 per month to their membership dues and 5.Life will match that donation. Every month we will send those donations to the access organizations that matter most in our area: 20% to The Access Fund, 20% to Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition, 20% to Friends of Muir Valley, and 5% to The Ohio Climbers’ Coalition. The remaining 35% will be given to access-related special needs, such as the Muir Valley Fundraising Challenge, or the purchase of Miller Fork Recreational Preserve.