Vertical Adventures Training Center


Rock climbing provides a great foundation for problem solving, relationship building, and reaching new heights.

From our tiniest preschoolers who are just learning how to grab holds, to our competitive athletes representing Team Vertical at national championships, we aim to guide kids in building their confidence both as climbers and as individuals.

And we have a great recipe for success: start with a family-friendly facility, add a bunch of super encouraging coaches, and sprinkle with a whole lot of fun.

Hours and Location

The Training Center

6295 Busch Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43229
614 852-4528


Scheduled Programming Only

Questions? Call us at 614 852-4528 and we’d be happy to help.


Mother Crushers

Adventures in Climbing and Parenthood


Mental and Emotional Benefits of Kids Climbing

My name is Kristen, I started climbing when my now 10-year-old daughter took her first climbing class (4 years ago). She instantly fell in love with the sport. As a parent, I wanted to support my daughter, so my husband and I took the Rope 101 class and our adventure...

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T-Shirt Design Challenge

Today starts our T-shirt Design Challenge. Pick up your card at the front desk and start designing for a chance for your t-shirt to be sold and get a FREE one for yourself.

Members After Hours

Members, bring a friend and get ready for an extraordinary Easter Egg Hunt, climbing style.

When: April 20, 2019
Time: 9 -11 AM
Location: Training Center


614 852-4528
6295 Busch Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43229

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Scheduled Programming Only