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Rock climbing provides a great foundation for problem solving, relationship building, and reaching new heights.

From our tiniest preschoolers who are just learning how to grab holds, to our competitive athletes representing Team Vertical at national championships, we aim to guide kids in building their confidence both as climbers and as individuals.

And we have a great recipe for success: start with a family-friendly facility, add a bunch of super encouraging coaches, and sprinkle with a whole lot of fun.

Hours and Location

The Training Center

6295 Busch Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43229
614 852-4528


Scheduled Programming Only

Questions? Call us at 614 852-4528 and we’d be happy to help.


Mother Crushers

Adventures in Climbing and Parenthood


Rock Climbing While Pregnant and Post-Babies

A lot of folks assume that rock climbing and pregnancy go together as well as ants and a picnic. With two pregnancies under my belt, and having climbed throughout both, I can honestly say that climbing can be a healthy and enjoyable prenatal activity. If rock climbing...

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Free Athleta Sponsored Yoga Class
@Vertical Adventures

Swing by for some zen, swag, and treats.

Register here:

When: June 19, at 8 AM

Hustle for the Muscle

June to July, we’re giving you the chance to get fit, up your climbing game, get more involved with our community, and win some free stuff for it all. More Info

When: June 1 to July 31

Youth Bouldering League

Youth Bouldering League starts June 5th. Sign up and participate by following the steps below. Sign up at the TC Front Desk during your Club time open hours on Sunday and receive a scorecard.
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614 852-4528
6295 Busch Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43229

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Scheduled Programming Only