Up your game with our experienced Team Vertical coaches. Every month we offer specialty climbing clinics focusing on different topics to help improve climbing skills and confidence.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for our Clinics

Offerings: 2nd Sunday of the month, 10 AM – 12 PM

Cost: Members FREE*, Non-Members $25.00

Instructor: Team Vertical Coaches

* Training Center membership required for discounted pricing.

Februray: Get Your Head in the Game

Ever notice how your attitude affects your climbing? Flex your most important climbing muscle: your brain. Climbing requires just as much brain power as it does physical power. Learn strategies to improve your mental fortitude and develop more consistent increases in your performance.

March: The Rock-Over

Rock out and rock-over. This climbing move is critical for staying balanced and is especially helpful when you find foot holds that are far apart and on vertical or slab routes. Save energy and find your center of gravity in this specialized clinic all about the rock-over.

April: The Strength of the Lock-Off

Would you like to feel more balance and control in your climbing? Join us as we dive into the proper technique for executing the lock-off, a static movement using body tension that is an essential part of every climber’s tool kit.

May: Breathing through the Route

Focusing on your breath while climbing can help mitigate fear and give your mind something to do. We’ll teach breathing techniques that are useful for different parts of a route or problem. Come find your flow and increase your power just by improving your breathing game.

June: Footwork Fundamentals

Our legs are our strongest muscles and feet guide them, making footwork the most important foundation for efficient climbing. Join us for a Footwork Fundamentals clinic to help develop the base for all climbing movement.


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