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Where: Vertical Adventures
When: Third Monday of the month
Cost: FREE, Must be a Vertical Adventures Member

April: Multi-Pitch – Belaying Off an Anchor

ON BELAY.Once you’ve nailed down anchors, learn how to use them for belaying. Bring your follower up to new heights or find out how to belay your leader as you get higher and higher in our multi-pitch series.

May: Multi-Pitch – Rope Ascension

Picture this: Your friend is stuck on a multi-pitch move. They can’t go up and you can’t go back down. These rope ascension skills will help you problem solve your way out of that situation and way more. Plus, you’ll learn how to set up and take the finest try hard photos of your friends.

June: Multi-Pitch – Quick Raises

Learn how and when you can utilize simple and efficient systems for raising your follower or your gear in a multi-pitch environment. Plus get smart on climber-assisted raises and setting up a 2 to 1 mechanical assist.

July: Multi-Pitch – Basic Self Rescue

A time to be basic. We’re talking BASIC Self Rescue skills everyone who’s spending time on the walls should know including how to perform a climber pick off, belay escape, and improvised rappel.

August: Fear of Falling

Keep calm and climb on. Most of us deal with fear of falling in climbing. Luckily our mental game is something we can learn to train just like we learned how to do those pull ups. Join us and develop techniques to help you overcome your fear of falling, just one important step in reaching your full potential.

September: Guidebook to Local Climbing

Climb local. Hear the latest in local crag beta including the Red, the New, the Mad, and Seneca. We’ll discuss the best places to eat, camp, and climb at the best crags within road trip distance.

October: Crack Climbing: Locks and Jams

Trying to get into crack this climbing season? We’ll teach you everything you need to know about jamming and cramming your hands and fingers into cracks at our Crack Climbing Clinic.

November: Overhang Technique

Learn to get steep with our Overhang Technique clinic. Climbers will learn efficient movement for overhanging routes and boulders

December: Slab and Vertical Technique

Get slabtastic with our how-to on perfecting your vertical technique. We’ll discuss and demo the best moves and essential balance to help you send hard on slab.


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