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Bloc Garten

Coming Spring 2021

Bloc Garten Roof


Wall design by Quinn Kellogg. Twice as much bouldering as Chambers.

Bloc Garten Right Wall


8 x 12 Kilter Board

Bloc Garten Front Angle Roof


Located in the Old German Brewery District, on the bike path. 

Don't forget to fill out our screening questions before every visit!⁠
Thank you for continuing to keep up with our Covid policies.⁠

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Besa is a local organization that helps to connect people with local charities like food pantries, homeless shelters, and senior homes. ⁠Their current mission is to help transform civic engagement and provide their volunteers with tools and opportunities to stand with the Black community.⁠

Visit their website to donate or volunteer today!⁠⁠

#besa #localcharities #climbingby5life

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Thank you again to everyone helping us to keep Covid out of our facilities. ⁠

Check out this fun image of how to properly wear a mask to maximize its benefits! Also, a reminder that proper mask wearing is required at all times in our facilities. It truly takes a village, and we appreciate the efforts.🧡⁠

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Reminder that we are opening early today! ⁠

Today is President's day. If you are interested in checking out the historical significance of this holiday, you can view the link below.⁠⁠

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Indigenous Womxn Climb is an organization dedicated to the representation of Indigenous womxn and non-binary humans in the outdoors. They work to ensure Indigenous knowledge governs the practice we have in our relationship with the outdoors.⁠

This week head to the Welcome desk and donate to @indigenouswomxnclimb and we will match your donation. If you wish to make a separate donation, you can visit their website, below: ⁠⁠

#indigenouswomxnclimb #rockclimbing #climbingby5life

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Bloc Garten Map
512 Maier Place
Columbus, OH 43215

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