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Monday – Friday 12 PM -11 PM
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Climb Nittany
328 Discovery Drive | Boalsburg, PA 16827
814 308-0230

Get psyched y’all!!!

The month of March, all ropes are 25% off. Perkville points can also be used on this sale. No discount stacking.

Come grab a new rope for the season!

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We’re super excited to partner with @accessfund and @pennstatecrec along with some amazing Pennsylvania organizations in promoting a virtual showing of REELROCK 15!!! This screening will be FREE to not only PSU students, but also members of the community!

The film showings as well as live panel discussions will happen on Wednesday, March 10th from 7:00-9:30PM. JEDI(Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), ethics, and stewardship will be the primary focus of this years discussion. It is crucial to keeping educating ourselves on how to strengthen our climbing community.💪

A donation of $10 to The Access Fund is recommended but not required.

Registration can be found in the LinkTree in our bio. See you there!

Beta Spoiler! A few routes went up today so come and get them while they’re fresh!!! Here’s a glimpse of the new blue.

In addition, be prepared for an ENTIRE gym reset in a couple of weeks! The exact date is TBD, but we will announce once decided. The clock is ticking for you to send your project!!! ⏰

#routesetting #climbing #walltopia

Tomorrow night! 6:30-8:30PM @backcountryspineandsport will be back at Climb Nittany providing some free services to our guests!

Join us on on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month for some soft tissue massage, cupping, and more! What a treat! 🙏

The Khoisan are the Natives of South Africa distinct from the other tribes. While settling in Cape Town, white colonists had their way with the Khoisan women, and the first mixed people of South Africa were born. Most of these people were killed off by disease, famine, war, and eventually bred out of existence. "The curse that colored people carry is having no clearly defined heritage to go back to...For all that black people have suffered, they know who they are. Colored people don't."⁠

Brittain, Manager at 5.Life’s Training Center says, "There is sadness you feel when you look at your reflection and no longer know who you are. You don't recognize yourself, and all that emotional attachment to your humanity is gone. ⁠There is a huge existential burden that is placed on a human when they don't know where they come from. To live with that detachment on a daily basis takes an incredible amount of strength to overcome."⁠

Imagine not knowing your own history, where your parents, grandparents, and ancestors came from. How would it feel to be orphaned by history? In the days of 23 and Me or, this seems insane, but for some entire ethnic populations, it is simply reality.⁠

#trevornoah #bookclub #blackhistorymonth #africanhistory

This week we are highlighting Community Diversity Group(CDG) as our local organization to support. Donate $1 at the welcome desk and we’ll match it!

CDG was started in 2001 in an “effort to attract and retain a diverse group of individuals to share in fostering a community based on inclusion and equity.” They are a non-profit organization that offers a range of diverse events focusing on customer service and bringing diverse groups together.

Check them out at to learn more about their exciting projects!

#communitydiversitygroup #statecollege #pennstate #diversityandinclusion

Meet Sam!

Most of you already know her as our first local hire. She fit right in with us; a fun-loving personality, endless positive attitude, and top notch dance skills! 🙌 She has recently accepted an instructor position with Adventures Cross Country. As sad as we are to see her go, we wish her well with this awesome new opportunity!

What is your favorite style of climbing?
Sport climbing. I just love big whips and I cannot lie. 
What was your proudest send?
A boulder problem called Mushroom Mantle in Hunter's Rock. I worked about three feet of this climb for several months before that sweet sweet send.

What would be your Wrestlemania theme song?
The Wii Sports theme song on a ten hour loop to intimidate my opponents.

#staffhighlight #vibecheck #climbnittany

Next week’s Monday Holiday Camp only has a few spots left!

Sign-up on our website under the camps tab to lock in a spot for your climber. Geared for ages 6 and up.

#climbingcamp #presidentsday #climbnittany


814 308-0230
328 Discovery Drive
Boalsburg, PA 16827


Monday – Friday 12 PM -11 PM
Saturday & Sunday 9 AM-6 PM