Climbing Clubs

Climbing Clubs are for those who wish to learn the sport of rock climbing as a recreational pursuit or in combination with another sport. As the climber progresses in ability, the amount of climbing-specific coaching increases to allow climbers to progress and achieve their goals. The levels (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) are separated according to skill with age-based offerings in levels, as enrollment allows.

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How to Enroll

Membership Required to Participated

Find a Class

Click on the calendar below to choose the level 1 class that works best for you.

Choose the Class

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Finalize Membership

Finalize membership by completing the Youth Membership Form

Total cost of sign-up includes first monthly tuition, first months membership, and a one-time initiation fee.

 Newly registered climbers begin the first week of the month. 

Level 1

Youth Climbing

Level 1 is discovering the foundation in the sport of climbing. The participant begins their 5.Life journey through the exploration of their environment, movement, developmental benchmarks, and baseline physical and mental abilities. 

One weekly 90-minute Practice
Offering classes for ages 5-18

**Membership Required**

Step 1: Choose the level 1 class that works best for you*

Step 2: Pick the day and time

Step 3: Enroll (1st month of membership, initiation fee**, and tuition due at enrollment)

Step 4: Finalize membership Youth Membership Form

*may be moved based on coaches recommendation after the first class
** One time $39 initiation fee 

The tuition rate covers one tuition cycle of consecutive classes. Newly registered climbers begin the first week of the month. 

Your child’s enjoyment and development depend on them being in the level that best suits their needs and skills. Coaches are ALWAYS assessing! Monthly, coaches evaluate skills and will move your child as needed.

Vertical Adventures Tuition Cycles

*Tuition Auto-Pay payments are collected on the 1st of every month*

Beginning on the 1st OF EACH MONTH, tuition will be paid to Vertical Adventures by electronic funds transfer (Auto Charge or ACH) as listed below. Tuition is non-refundable

Classes Canceled

  • November 19-15, 2023
  • December 24 – January 6, 2024
  • June 30- July 6, 2024

Classes that fall on National Holidays or Winter Holiday Break are not eligible for prorating or make-up classes. Pricing is designed to accommodate these hiatuses. These are great times to enjoy climbing at our other locations in Central Ohio and take advantage of our other special events!


Busy families need flexibility.
If you miss class, you are eligible to attend another class during the month the class was missed. 

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5.Life Membership

Step 1: Choose Climbing Club Membership

Step 2: Choose the level 1 Monthly Tuition

Step 3: Check-out (prorated membership, initiation fee*, and 1st month tuition due at enrollment)

* One time $39 initiation fee

The tuition rate covers one tuition cycle (one month) of consecutive classes. Newly registered climbers begin the first week of the month.

Member Benefits

One membership to rule them all—Unlimited climbing at all 5.Life locations
Bottomless first-time guest passes
15% Discount in Pro Shop
Discounted programming: classes, youth clubs, and camps
Free Yoga Find a Class
FREE clinics and member appreciation events
One free guest day pass per month

Have additional membership questions? Contact Us


We understand that life changes if you need to change day, change class or time please email.

To cancel class enrollment, please complete the change form via our website, here

The tuition rate covers one tuition cycle of consecutive classes.

Newly registered climbers begin the first week of a tuition cycle. For those too excited to wait, we are happy to pro-rate classes and start immediately call 814 308-0230 or email.

Vertical Adventures collects tuition through an Auto-Pay format. Your authorized credit, debit card or ACH will be billed automatically on the 1st of each month.

All declined Auto-Pay payments will be charged a $10 fee.

How to Enroll For Level 2 & 3
Coaches recommendation or try-out. Email our youth program for additional questions.

Level 2

Level 2 is developing the blueprint/support structure to the sport of climbing. The climber continues their exploration in pursuit of independence, social relationship, and choice of pathway.

Coach recommendation required

One weekly 90-minute Practices:

Level 3

Level 3 and Competitive minded climbers develop and diversify their 5.Life toolbox. The climber is mentored and becoming an ambassador to the sport of climbing. The climber explores goals and competency through performance benchmarks. These climbers have the option to compete.

Membership included while in programming.


Are you looking for new ways to incorporate physical education into your curriculum? Do you want to get your kids to be more active? Our homeschool program offers it all. Rock climbing is enjoyable for kids of all ages and adults too! Climbing promotes self-esteem, cooperation, self-reliance, endurance and strength.


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