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Learn a new skill or connect to a community event by visiting our Gym Calendar. See below for a list of local and national climbing organizations and community groups who can help take your climbing to new heights.

Climbing is for everyone. We are offering specially designated days to encourage connection and diversity as well as making climbing more accessible. $9 day passes with rental gear included for individuals who identify on applicable community rock climbing days.

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South Central Pennsylvania Climbers is a group of dedicated climbers that volunteer to preserve rock climbing areas in PA. We would like to bridge the gap between land owners/managers and the climbing community. We strive to educate the general public about rock climbing, best practices, assist with risk management plans, fund raise to help protect our natural resources, and assist in the maintenance of the lands that we climb on.

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The Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers is dedicated to promoting education, safeguarding access, building community, and preserving our natural lands for rock climbers of past, present, and future.


NRAC exists to preserve and promote access to climbing areas, and to conserve climbing resources in the New River Gorge and surrounding areas. The New River Gorge is an international destination and world-class climbing area with thousands of traditional and sport climbs, and a rapidly expanding selection of equally world-class bouldering areas. Learn how you can preserve and protect one of America’s great climbing areas.

The Access Fund is a nonprofit advocacy organization that leads and inspires the climbing community toward sustainable access and conservation of the climbing environment.

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AAC’s goal is to share and support our passion for climbing and respect for the places we climb. We’re climbers. Gym climbers and trad climbers. Sport climbers and mountaineers. Boulderers, backcountry skiers, and alpinists. We’re the largest community of rock-scaling misfits in the country—and you belong here.


That feeling when you get your project😏

Check out our Discover Fundamental class to take your climbing to the next level. Sign up now for the next available class on Wednesday, October 11th (link in bio).


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Bouldering Essentials for 25% off till the end of September⏰ Stop by our Welcome Desk to get you setup, don`t miss out the sale (excludes Organic crash pads).

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We`re OPEN on Mondays starting on October 9th📣

Members come climb early on October 9th, cider and donuts will be provided as a small token to start the week.

Members: 12pm-3pm
Non-members: 3pm-close

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📣We are Hiring. Starting at $15 per hour, Free Memberships, Discounts on gear, after hours climbing and a fun and stimulating environment, apply today to be a part of everyone`s climbing journey. Part-Time and Full-time positions available. 🤘

Send you resume to micaela@5.life TODAY🌟

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Happy Global climbing day! Come in today for $14 day passes gear rental included. Enjoy some conversation over snacks and swing by the @scpclimbers table to chat with our friends sharing their passion for access in this community!

We love you all!!! Can’t wait to host you and your friends today 🎉✨

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It`s the most wonderful time of the year! That`s right, Global Climbing Day is right around the corner. We are grateful to share climbing with our wonderful community. Join us at Climb Nittany for $14 day passes on this day.
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In light of the most recent events among our beloved community, we are taking a moment to rest our spirits and hearts.

We will resume normal business hours Tuesday 8/15 at 12pm.

Thank you all, for allowing us a moment to pause so that we can be in the best service to you all upon our arrival back. 🩵

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July 30th is National Friendship Day 👫 Join us for a weekend of Friends and Sends 🤩

🌟July 28th 50% off rummage sale. Swag, gear, retired shoes etc. + Free Beer🍻
🌟July 29th Saturdays are for Mimosas
🌟July 30th No Ship Like Friendship! Battleship guest vs gym + Coffee and Doughnuts

See you there!

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🇺🇸🎇 We are closed July 4th for independence day. Enjoy the long weekend!
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Don`t forget we will be closed Tuesday, July 4th. Enjoy your holiday safely and we`ll see you Wednesday to work off all of the barbecues ...

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