Bouldering League

Find the competitive spirit, form a team with your friends, and go head-to-head with other teams at Bloc Garten. At the end of each session, scores for each week will be totaled and a winning team each session will be immortalized on the Bouldering League Champions Plaque and receive a $400 cash prize. 

Date: 8 week league, September 16 – November 14

Time: 5 – 9 PM

Cost: $30 for members, $50 for non-members

Climbing day: Tuesday & Wednesday, Bonus Points for attending Grandview Gripdown & Dino or Die

Party/ Scores Announcement: November 21

Team Requirements:

  • Teams must be comprised of 2-4 Climbers; all climbers are welcome.
  • There are no substitutions if a team member can not make it. You will be counted for the scores of those team members that climb set week.
    • Example: If only 2 of 4 climbed week 1 we will count the average for the two that climbed.
  • Team members may climb on different days
    • Example: 1 team member climbs on Tuesday and 2 climb on Wednesday. 
  • Non-members do not have to pay for entry during the League meeting time but will be required to pay for entry outside of League meetings.
  • See any gym staff to assist with registration questions or email the Bouldering League Coordinator at vanessa@5.life.
climber bouldering
  • Climbs will be limited to the newest sets at Bloc Garten. Boundaries will be marked off by tape. If you have any questions about these boundaries please feel free to ask gym staff
  • Scoring will be recorded on cards handed out upon signing into Bloc for the session.
  • Each climber will have their top 5 boulder sends averaged with that of the other climbers on their team to give each team a weekly score. Running totals will be posted to our instagram page weekly for everyone to view
  • Each team will have their scores totaled at the end of the season to determine the final winners.
  • Scores will be based on your registered flash grade.
    • Flash grade: The grade of climb that the climber can complete from bottom to top in one attempt.
  • Flash grade sends will be worth 200 points
  • one grade above flash will be worth 1000 points
  • two grades above flash will be worth 2000 points, etc.
  • For example, if your flash grade is V2 you would earn 200 points for sending a V2, 1000 for sending a V3, 2000 for sending a V4 and so forth.
  • Each team will have their lowest week’s score dropped from the final score.

All climbs must be seen and signed by someone not on your team, so another team or staff member must sign off on your climb during the session. Videos do not count.
Opportunities for bonus points will include posting and tagging @Blocgartencbus and/or @climbingby5.life with the hashtag #BlocABL.

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Thank you to those who served 💙 We will be doing Free Day Passes for Active Duty and Veterans all day on November 11th.

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👻 Dyno or Die Climbing Comp ☠️

Get ready to reach for the stars at our thrilling Dyno or Die competition! 🌟 Show us your most epic dynos and conquer the crux. Are you up for the challenge?

🤠Costume Contest
🎃Halloween Party
🍹Drinks and Snacks
Registration starts at 6 🔶Climbing 6:30-8:30🔶Awards at 9pm

Don`t miss the chance to prove your climbing skills! 🔥 Tag your climbing squad and let`s dyno! 💥

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🧗‍♂️🏆 Bouldering League Results! 🏆🧗‍♀️

Hey climbers! We`ve wrapped up another exciting week in our bouldering league, and the results are in! 🎉 Here are the current standings:


A big shoutout to all the participants! 🙌

👕 League Shirts Alert! 👕
Shirts are in and available for pick up tonight or Wednesday.

Let`s keep the momentum going, climbers! See you on the walls, and let`s continue to climb to new heights! 💪 #BoulderingLeague #ClimbOn #NoFOMO #blocgarten #blocabl #columbusohio #boulderingleague

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🧗‍♂️ Don`t miss out on the bouldering action! 🧗‍♀️

📆 It`s not too late! You still have today to register for the Bouldering League.

Don`t let FOMO get the best of you! Join us and conquer the walls! 🏞️

Register now: https://bit.ly/bgboulderleague

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🧗‍♂️📣 Exciting News! Bouldering League Update! 📣🧗‍♀️

📅 Registration Extended: You asked, we listened! Bouldering League registration is now open until September 26th! Don`t miss out on the fun. Sign up now!

⏰ Wednesday Climb Time Added: We`ve added Wednesday to our climb time schedule! That`s right, you can now climb on both Tuesday or Wednesday from 5-9 pm at Bloc Garten.

🚫 No Substitutions: Please note that we won`t be allowing substitutions for team members who can`t make it. Teams will have to work with the members present.

📊 Weekly Score Averaging: Scores will be averaged each week for the climbers who can attend. This ensures that everyone gets a fair shot, even if you can`t make it every week.

📉 Drop Your Lowest Score: Worried about an off week? No problem! We`ll drop your lowest week score from the calculations, so one bad day won`t ruin your chances.

👥 Teams of 2-4 Climbers: Gather your crew and form a team of 2-4 climbers. The more, the merrier!

👕 Shirts Coming Soon: Stay tuned for some awesome league shirts! Show off your bouldering pride in style.

🏞️ Where to Climb: Join us at Bloc Garten for an evening of climbing, challenges, and fun!

Spread the word, share the love, and let`s make this bouldering league season the best one yet! See you on the walls! 🧗‍♂️🧗‍♀️


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