Bouldering League

Find the competitive spirit, form a team with your friends, and go head-to-head with other teams at Bloc Garten. At the end of each session, scores for each week will be totaled and a winning team each session will be immortalized on the Bouldering League Champions Plaque and receive a $400 cash prize. 

Date: 8 week league, September 16 – November 14

Time: 5 – 9 PM

Cost: $30 for members, $50 for non-members

Climbing day: Tuesday & Wednesday, Bonus Points for attending Grandview Gripdown & Dino or Die

Party/ Scores Announcement: November 21

Team Requirements:

  • Teams must be comprised of 2-4 Climbers; all climbers are welcome.
  • There are no substitutions if a team member can not make it. You will be counted for the scores of those team members that climb set week.
    • Example: If only 2 of 4 climbed week 1 we will count the average for the two that climbed.
  • Team members may climb on different days
    • Example: 1 team member climbs on Tuesday and 2 climb on Wednesday. 
  • Non-members do not have to pay for entry during the League meeting time but will be required to pay for entry outside of League meetings.
  • See any gym staff to assist with registration questions or email the Bouldering League Coordinator at vanessa@5.life.
climber bouldering
  • Climbs will be limited to the newest sets at Bloc Garten. Boundaries will be marked off by tape. If you have any questions about these boundaries please feel free to ask gym staff
  • Scoring will be recorded on cards handed out upon signing into Bloc for the session.
  • Each climber will have their top 5 boulder sends averaged with that of the other climbers on their team to give each team a weekly score. Running totals will be posted to our instagram page weekly for everyone to view
  • Each team will have their scores totaled at the end of the season to determine the final winners.
  • Scores will be based on your registered flash grade.
    • Flash grade: The grade of climb that the climber can complete from bottom to top in one attempt.
  • Flash grade sends will be worth 200 points
  • one grade above flash will be worth 1000 points
  • two grades above flash will be worth 2000 points, etc.
  • For example, if your flash grade is V2 you would earn 200 points for sending a V2, 1000 for sending a V3, 2000 for sending a V4 and so forth.
  • Each team will have their lowest week’s score dropped from the final score.

All climbs must be seen and signed by someone not on your team, so another team or staff member must sign off on your climb during the session. Videos do not count.
Opportunities for bonus points will include posting and tagging @Blocgartencbus and/or @climbingby5.life with the hashtag #BlocABL.

PSA There will be no new set today due to other projects that require our immediate attention. We understand this a bummer BUT you will see the spray wall filled in 🤩

See you next week - 🫶Setters

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🧗‍♂️ Ready to start your climbing journey? Sign up now for our Discover Fundamentals Class through the link in our bio or visiting our website! 🌟

In this 90-minute introductory course, you`ll learn essential bouldering techniques to kickstart your climbing adventure. Whether you`re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this class is perfect for you!

Plus, enjoy two weeks of free membership after your class to practice what you`ve learned and explore our climbing community. Don`t miss out – secure your spot today! 💪

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🌟 Join us for Beta Flash Week! 🌟 We`re teaming up with Nocterra to celebrate their fan-favorite beer, Beta Flash! Here`s how you can get in on the fun:

1️⃣ Head over to Bloc Garten and tackle the 4 Beta routes on offer.
2️⃣ Complete the Beta Flash Checklist during your climbs.
3️⃣ Redeem your completed checklist next door at Nocterra for an awesome prize!

Don`t miss out on this exciting event! Grab your climbing gear and come enjoy the challenge. See you there! 🧗‍♂️🍻

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⁉️ Guess what`s back! ⁉️

Off-peak day passes are now available😎

Weekdays before 4pm: $13
Weekends after 4pm: $13

Come get a session in at a lower rate AND during the slower times at all our facilities.

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📍Please be advised that there will be no youth classes from June 30th to July 6th due to the Fourth of July break. Classes will resume as scheduled on July 7th.
🎆Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the holiday!🎆
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We’re gearing up to celebrate Red, White, and Boom! 🧨

Please note, we’ll be closed on July 3rd to the festivities at the park. Enjoy the dazzling fireworks and festivities! 🎇We’ll reopen on July 5th after the holiday. Have a fantastic Independence Day!

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🎤 Did you know we host Don’t Tell Comedy events at Bloc Garten? Join us this Saturday, the 22nd for an evening of laughter and entertainment unlike any other. Don’t miss out—reserve your seats now and bring your friends along for a memorable night! BYOB🍻
Use code BLOC5 for $5 off your ticket

Visit www.donttellcomedy.com to reserve your spot!

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Happy Father`s Day to all the amazing dads out there! 🎉 Treat your dad to a day of fun at Bloc Garten! Enjoy FREE day passes for dad and a after climb beer on us. Cheers to all the dads who rock our world! 🍻

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Yoga is now available at Bloc Garten 🥳 Join Sarah every other Sunday at 7am for a curated climber yoga session, all experience levels are welcome. Our first session is this Sunday June 16th 🤗

Visit our website or link in bio to secure your spot!

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🌟 Summer Camp is in Full Swing at Bloc Garten! 🌟

Check out our awesome climbers having a blast during Space Odyssey week at our rock climbing camp! 🚀🪐

We still have spots available for more summer fun. Don`t miss out on an unforgettable adventure! 🌞🧗‍♂️


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Spray Wall is BACK 😍 Enjoy this fresh spray wall. Stay tuned for Stokt to update to start setting epic routes 👊

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