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Helping Everyone Climb

🇺🇸 We will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day. Our deepest gratitude to all those who have served.

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Climber Spotlight- Shannon (he/him/his) @mannon_taylor

“I got started climbing with my friend Andrew. He was really good at it, and he kept talking about it. Then I just asked him, “Will you take me climbing?” He was so kind, so wonderful, and so patient while teaching me. Just really such a bright light in the climbing community. He took me to @vaohio and I fell in love with it from there.

I love every aspect of the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, climbing... I just love nature and being out there. It is a place of Zen for me. Climbing has slowly become like my moment of Zen where nothing else in the world pops into my head and I can be in the moment. Now I have taken that little aspect of nature to the climbing gym. Really my only fear when outdoors is other people who might attack me based on who I am. You feel like you have to stay in groups and have people with you that support you to be safe.

When you are creating a safe space, you are just allowing people to be themselves and that creates so much happiness and joy in people's lives. Where they can be like, “Hey, this is me” and everyone just respects that. Bringing queer people together that are similar, that understand where they are coming from so that they don’t feel so different and alone anymore. That's creating a safe space for us.

For allies who are in support of the community there are a few simple things you can do.

1. Ask people what their name pronouns are before assuming.

2. Just come to these events and treat people as a human being. Don’t ask intrusive, inappropriate questions.

3. Realize that it is not our community's job to educate you. Ask for resources from appropriate sources, but understand we don’t owe education.

You know, the biggest thing that I think allies can do is just be like, “Hey, do you want to climb?” And get to know us as the climbers and people we are.”

Thank you to @stonewallclimb which was the model for @queerclimbingcolumbus. If you are looking for a national group check out @transclimberscoalition. Come check out the next QCC event!

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🙌Core Value🙌Beta Sharing: We work together to tackle problems, to celebrate accomplishments, and build each other up. This attitude is contagious and builds connection, belonging, unity, energy, and adds spice.

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🚨Upcoming gym closure🚨 All 5.Life facilities will be closed April 17th for Easter Sunday. 🐰

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Volunteer for "Not Work Week" and enter to win one month of 5.Life Membership FREE! 1 raffle entry per day volunteered. Contest ends May 9th. Sign up through the link in bio.

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🤙Core Value🤙

Dynamic: When tested we withstand the challenge. We gain strength from one another and the ability to stretch. We cultivate creativity and innovation to respond to changes and trends. We can do hard things.

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😍25% off guidebooks and training books for April😍 Looking to level up your climbing or take advantage of outdoor season? Stop by one of our facilities to pick up a climbing guidebook to your favorite area or a training book to push your fitness.

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😍Matinee day pricing is back! $12 day passes Monday-Friday open-3pm.

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🎧Listen to Alexis the OG founder of @vaohio and co-founder of @climbingby5.life on the podcast @conqueringcbus🎧 They discuss his passion for climbing from the early days as well as climbing’s uniqueness as a sport and how accessible it is to everyone. His entrepreneurial spirit has fostered the growth of climbing in the Midwest and is our resident Columbus Climbing Trad Dad.

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🤙Check out the Paraclimbing National Championship competition happening this weekend. ...

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❤️Core Value: Heart. A conviction that all people and relationships matter. It is important to act with integrity, be compassionate, intentional, uphold equality in personhood, and strive to do the right thing. We purposefully seek diversity and foster inclusion. We are better when all people are a part of our community.

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⭐Member benefit⭐ As a member you have bottomless first time guest passes. Invite friends and family to try their hand at climbing with this member benefit!

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🏆Congratulations to our winners Ana, Sara, and Taylor🏆 Thank you to everyone who participated in the Be Our Guest challenge!

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Check out USA Climbing National Team Trials! Link in bio.

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Stewardship. We encourage all who enter our gyms to be good stewards of our sport, community, and environment we love. As climbers we set before ourselves difficult physical and mental challenges. In our effort to achieve we find a space where we have come to know ourselves and our abilities better. As good stewards we have a responsibility foster the growth of our sport in a way that provides education and access for others to discover the the joy of climbing.

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