Helping Everyone Climb

🎉 Congratulations to all these incredible athletes within our community for their participation at Youth Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT 2024!

▪️Nick Foster (Setting)
▪️Adam Clingan (Independent)
▪️Marco Wright (Independent)
▪️Mirabelle Thornton (Independent)
▪️Stella Pargeon (Project Solo)
▪️Asher Pargeon (Project Solo)
▪️Abby Boisy (Project Solo)

This is a fantastic achievement, and we couldn`t be prouder of each of you! Keep shining bright! 🌟

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🧗‍♂️🎇In celebration of Independence Day, all 5.Life facilities will be closed on July 4th. Enjoy the holiday with friends, family, and plenty of outdoor adventures! We look forward to see you over the holiday weekend✨

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🎉✊ Happy Juneteenth! Today we commemorate freedom and celebrate resilience. At 5.Life, we honor this historic day with a commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

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Did ya hear? $13 day passes! ...

Closed for Memorial Day 🔴⚪️🔵

In honor of those who sacrificed for our freedom, we`re closed on May 27th.

Thank you for remembering with us. #MemorialDay

🌩️ Attention 🌩️

The National Weather Service forecasts severe storms sweeping across Ohio today, Tuesday, April 2. We are staying open and monitoring the situation closely. We`ll keep you updated here on social media as we continue to monitor the situation.

Bloc Garten Chambers Purely Boulders Vertical Adventures

❄️Tis the season for Bonus Bucks❄️ For every $100 in gift card purchases you get $25 in bonus bucks 🤩 Bonus bucks can be used towards any items in the shop. Shop for a friend, family or treat yourself 💙

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Are you part of the 💲1 for Access? 🤔

Our roots are based in outdoor climbing and our community cares deeply about continued access to your favorite outdoor climbing areas. ⁠⁠

One Dollar for Access:⁠⁠
5.Life matches 💲1 for every 💲1 donated. If you don`t have it added to your membership, stop by the Welcome Desk and we can add it or make a one-time donation. Continue to support and give back to the outdoors. ⁠⁠
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Attention. In light of recent events, and out of an abundance of caution, we will be removing all Perfect Descent auto belays from our facilities. This will only affect the auto belays on the speed wall at Vertical Adventures. All TRUBLUE auto belays will remain.
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We need your help! @accessfund has teamed up with our friends @rrgcc to raise $30,000 to launch the Red River Gorge Climbing Conservation Initiative.

We are grateful to have one of the best climbing areas in the country so close to us. We must join together to take care of these incredible landscapes, investing in recreation infrastructure and visitor education to ensure sustainable access to beloved crags.

Donate today to help fund this critical stewardship initiative, every dollar counts!
Link in our bio.

Thank You to all our members for helping support the outdoor climbing community. In this past quarter alone you all have donated $7000 to Access Fund, OCC, RRGCC, FOMV, NRAC, EPAC and SCPC 🤯

If you are interested in donating, please visit our website for details.

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We had a great time setting with our friends @rockmillclimbing today! ...

Here at 5.Life we believe climbing is for EVERYONE! Thanks to all who visited in Ohio over pride weekend and helped us raise funds for two amazing organizations.
@kycohio @equitas.health
@blocgartencbus @climbchambers @vaohio
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🌟 Happy Juneteenth! 🎉✨ Today, we commemorate an important milestone in American history. Let`s celebrate freedom, unity, and equality for all. #Juneteenth #FreedomDay #Unity #Equality ...

All gyms are closed on Monday, Memorial Day. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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We are having a great time at The Climbing Wall Summit this year and learning tons! It`s been excellent to see everyone in the industry. A big shout out to Micaela, Paige, and Vanessa for presenting at the summit this year! Another big shout-out to Mardi who created the first women’s lounge at the summit and hosted a women’s cocktail hour for attendees. We are very proud to share our love of climbing with all in attendance.

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Have you gotten a chance to sign up for our Summer Membership? If not check it out. Its pretty hot!
...get it? Cause its summer its hot out? haha

☀️🧗‍♂️ Summer Membership Sale ☀️🧗‍♂️ Branch out from your typical workout. Discover a community where you belong. Sign up for a membership that lasts all summer long. Take advantage of this deal today! Offer ends June 15th. Link in bio.

*Restrictions for offer eligibility apply. Offer only valid to new members or prior memberships terminated before April 30th.

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We are proud to be able to serve and grow the local climbing community by offering Open Door Memberships to those in need. This graphic shows how all of us have been able to support this program since its inception. We have invited so many new climbers to the sport who otherwise would not have been able to climb with us. Climbing is for everyone, always.

A reminder that you can help our Open Door Members by choosing an add-on amount to your current membership. The amount you add-on to help climbers is up to you. Even adding $1 to your membership can help support access for our Open Door Members. Sign up through our link in bio.

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All gyms are closed on Easter Sunday. Make sure to stop by the gym Saturday, April 8th, for our all-day Easter egg hunt. Fina a golden egg and you could win a special prize.

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