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Helping Everyone Climb

😍We love climbing and so do you. In partnership with @thenorthface come celebrate the sport of climbing with the greater climbing community. All our facilities will have different events and offerings on Global Climbing Day. Join us for Global Climbing Day Saturday, August 20th!

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🤙25% off harnesses during July at 5.Life🤙Have a suspicion your harness isn’t the best fit for you?​

Look for these signs:​
1) It digs in at your sides or has uncomfortable pressure points​

2) Usually a bad match in harness design for your body​

3) Your gear loops feel very far back

4) You feel like you can’t find a comfortable position while hanging​

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✊Happy Juneteenth ✊

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Climber Spotlight Briden (He/Him, They/Them)

Hi i’m a trans masc person and have been climbing since high school. There was a point I was going through my transition and I was nervous to come back to the gym because I didn't know if I would feel welcomed. But Alexis helped me change my name in the system from my birth name to my now name. It was a really nice moment. I felt accepted for who I am. I felt I'm in my own little safe space, even though there weren't a lot of other out queer people here. So I just kept climbing and hoping to meet other people and build my own community.

I love Climbing because I'm constantly able to be present so it's very meditative for me.

Why do we need a group like this?Normalcy and acceptance of being able to be in a space and know that we are welcome there is a big thing. Sometimes the queer community needs to do it in a way that we are coming together to feel safe. We are constantly fighting against hate for just being visibly and out.

Have you ever been in that situation where you felt like you being just your genuine self there's a risk to your life? When I first came out as trans about 15 or so years ago, it was so very hush-hush.
@queerclimbingccolumbus is here to give people a space for them to feel happy and joy and hope that they can feel like they're amongst their people. That's also important, especially when so many people are trying to take away their rights. I think the understanding that everybody's existence is valuable and it's deserving.

If you're not an ally and want to become an ally you need to recognize that and the simplicity of respecting everyone's pronouns. It is so easy to just respect it that you don't need to argue, you just respect it, and it can make somebody just a little bit happier. It doesn't do you any harm. To just try. But it can and will save somebody's life.

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🙌Honored to have Alexis and Mardi from our leadership team featured in @columbusceo! Check out the article detailing the history of 5.Life, our struggles through the pandemic, and plans for the future of climbing. Link in bio.


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The amount of people climbing in outdoor areas has grown exponentially. @accessfund is on the front lines for creating a sustainable future for climbing, and @rei has
come forward to match all donations from individual climbers—up to $55,000—to help them get there.
Access Fund has a plan and a seat at the table with land managers—but they need your help. Donate today to help the future of climbing. Link in bio.

At 5.Life believe climbing is for everyone and access to climbing areas is central to that belief. Thanks to our members who signed up for our $1 for access program we donated over $4,000 for the first quarter of 2022 across the following organizations @accessfund @rrgcc Friends of Muir Valley @nrac.offical @e.p.a.climbers @seclimbers @ohioclimberscoalition and Marne Rd. Remember to sign up for $1 for Access to protect and provide access to outdoor climbing spaces.

📸 @shawn.cope

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Climber Spotlight: Andrew @ol_uncle_jamal

“I got into climbing on my most recent deployment. Sitting in my tent, YouTube recommended a @magmidt video. I watched it out of boredom, and curiosity, came back from my deployment.... Went to @climbchambers for the first time, took a bouldering 101 course and then just fell absolutely in love. I think one of the main reasons I ended up sticking around is community. Regardless of what gym or crag you visit everybody treats you like an old friend.

I started college in 2012 and ended up enlisting in the military March 15th 2013. I've always loved my unit. Some of the people are a little more bullheaded than others. There is a kinship in the military you can only fully understand by going through those shared experiences with your unit. Going through the suck together. I started off in the military as an 18-year-old kid. Now I have a lot of soldiers who are directly under my care and I can see myself in them. They'd always wanted to serve, but never totally had a good sense of how to do that. Now in a mentor role, I'm more capable to be able to help guide the younger generation of soldiers towards whatever their goal is.

Climbing is a sport of courtesies. Being courteous to yourself, your climbing partner, the community, the earth that gives us rocks to climb on. Being a good steward whether this is just your hobby or profession. Something as simple as being good to your climbing partner. Get your partner checked, right? You know their life is literally in your hands when they're on the wall and you're holding the rope. In my experience this community is very willing to go out of their way to help another person.

For all my coworkers, you guys have really like, just become a second family. To me, it's incredible how absolutely willing everyone is to open up their hearts. You know, let a random guy who dresses like an ill equipped frat boy from the early 2000s come hang out with you and be a part of their lives. I have so many memories to look back on and keep myself stoked for finishing off my deployment.”

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🇺🇸 We will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day. Our deepest gratitude to all those who have served.

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Climber Spotlight- Shannon (he/him/his) @mannon_taylor

“I got started climbing with my friend Andrew. He was really good at it, and he kept talking about it. Then I just asked him, “Will you take me climbing?” He was so kind, so wonderful, and so patient while teaching me. Just really such a bright light in the climbing community. He took me to @vaohio and I fell in love with it from there.

I love every aspect of the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, climbing... I just love nature and being out there. It is a place of Zen for me. Climbing has slowly become like my moment of Zen where nothing else in the world pops into my head and I can be in the moment. Now I have taken that little aspect of nature to the climbing gym. Really my only fear when outdoors is other people who might attack me based on who I am. You feel like you have to stay in groups and have people with you that support you to be safe.

When you are creating a safe space, you are just allowing people to be themselves and that creates so much happiness and joy in people's lives. Where they can be like, “Hey, this is me” and everyone just respects that. Bringing queer people together that are similar, that understand where they are coming from so that they don’t feel so different and alone anymore. That's creating a safe space for us.

For allies who are in support of the community there are a few simple things you can do.

1. Ask people what their name pronouns are before assuming.

2. Just come to these events and treat people as a human being. Don’t ask intrusive, inappropriate questions.

3. Realize that it is not our community's job to educate you. Ask for resources from appropriate sources, but understand we don’t owe education.

You know, the biggest thing that I think allies can do is just be like, “Hey, do you want to climb?” And get to know us as the climbers and people we are.”

Thank you to @stonewallclimb which was the model for @queerclimbingcolumbus. If you are looking for a national group check out @transclimberscoalition. Come check out the next QCC event!

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🙌Core Value🙌Beta Sharing: We work together to tackle problems, to celebrate accomplishments, and build each other up. This attitude is contagious and builds connection, belonging, unity, energy, and adds spice.

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🚨Upcoming gym closure🚨 All 5.Life facilities will be closed April 17th for Easter Sunday. 🐰

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Volunteer for "Not Work Week" and enter to win one month of 5.Life Membership FREE! 1 raffle entry per day volunteered. Contest ends May 9th. Sign up through the link in bio.

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