Open Door Membership

Contribute to Open Door Memberships

For existing members, we graciously ask you to consider adding a monthly add-on to your recurring membership to support our Open Door Membership.

Apply for an Open Door Membership

We believe climbing is for everyone. With our Open Door Membership, we simply ask “what can you afford”? Click the below button to apply for access. 

What is 5.Life’s Open Door Membership Program?

Paying for gym access is a burden to some, and can prevent people from participating in climbing. We believe climbing is for everyone. We want everyone to be welcome at 5.Life, regardless of their ability to pay. This is why we have created our Open Door Membership. We ask our existing members to contribute with a Monthly Membership Add-on if they are able. These funds are used exclusively to support equity initiatives such as the Open Door Membership, scholarships for youth to attend classes, camp or team, or support to buy climbing gear or programming. When you contribute, you directly give the gift of climbing to someone who would not have had the chance otherwise. Thank you for making this possible!

Other 5.Life Community Programs

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Community Climbing Days

5.Life Climbing Gyms

Climbing is for everyone. We offer specially designated days to encourage connection and diversity as well as making climbing more accessible. $9 day passes with rental gear included for individuals who identify on applicable community rock climbing days.

$1 for Access

5.Life Climbing Gyms

$1 for Access is our in-house initiative to help provide and preserve access to climbing (both indoors and out) for all. Because of you, our community has donated more than $93,000 to helping protect and conserve the climbing environment.

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