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Step 1: Choose the level 1 class that works best for you*
Step 2: Pick the day and time
Step 3: Enroll (1st month of membership, initiation fee**, and tuition due at enrollment)
Step 4: Finalize membership (email sent to inbox)
*maybe moved based on coaches recommendation after the first class
** One time $39 initiation fee
Vertical Adventures Climbing
6513 Kingsmill Court
Columbus, OH 43229
TC Kids Climber
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Build confidence. Improve problem-solving skills. Have tons of fun learning a sport that engages both mind and body.

512 Maier Place
Columbus, OH 43215
Youth Climbing Bloc Garten
Bloc Garten climbing competition

Build confidence. Improve problem-solving skills. Have tons of fun learning a sport that engages both mind and body.

All gyms are closed on Monday, Memorial Day. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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We are having a great time at The Climbing Wall Summit this year and learning tons! It's been excellent to see everyone in the industry. A big shout out to Micaela, Paige, and Vanessa for presenting at the summit this year! Another big shout-out to Mardi who created the first women’s lounge at the summit and hosted a women’s cocktail hour for attendees. We are very proud to share our love of climbing with all in attendance.

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Have you gotten a chance to sign up for our Summer Membership? If not check it out. Its pretty hot!
...get it? Cause its summer its hot out? haha

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☀️🧗‍♂️ Summer Membership Sale ☀️🧗‍♂️ Branch out from your typical workout. Discover a community where you belong. Sign up for a membership that lasts all summer long. Take advantage of this deal today! Offer ends June 15th. Link in bio.

*Restrictions for offer eligibility apply. Offer only valid to new members or prior memberships terminated before April 30th.

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We are proud to be able to serve and grow the local climbing community by offering Open Door Memberships to those in need. This graphic shows how all of us have been able to support this program since its inception. We have invited so many new climbers to the sport who otherwise would not have been able to climb with us. Climbing is for everyone, always.

A reminder that you can help our Open Door Members by choosing an add-on amount to your current membership. The amount you add-on to help climbers is up to you. Even adding $1 to your membership can help support access for our Open Door Members. Sign up through our link in bio.

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All gyms are closed on Easter Sunday. Make sure to stop by the gym Saturday, April 8th, for our all-day Easter egg hunt. Fina a golden egg and you could win a special prize.

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Climber Spotlight: Michael Molony

“I discovered climbing at a summer camp in Charleston, South Carolina. It was my favorite part of the whole trip. I pursued it in earnest in college in Wyoming, and suddenly, there was climbing everywhere. It was a rude awakening going from gym climbing to real rock. 90’s taped gym climbing all the way to Vedauwoo, which is a land of granite slabs and off width climbs. I was working for Organic Climbing and relocated to Central Pennsylvania when they moved here. I came to find out how much great climbing is on the east coast. New River Gorge, Chattanooga, The Gunks…This region has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor recreation and as a whole gets kind of forgotten sometimes. Climbing used to be such a fringe activity, but it's become so much more accessible. Building Climb Nittany was always a dream that was discussed with other climbers but only came to fruition through 5.life. I remember one day building the gym the absolute terror of how much static electricity was in the air when we were laying the foam. We were all avoiding the metal so a footlong spark didn’t jump across and zap us. Thank you to the Climb Nittany community for the support. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for the belief and everything that you've done to be a part of this. We can design and build the coolest gym in the world, but if the people here didn't show up for it, nothing good would come of it. I hope Climb Nittany helps remove more barriers to climbing for people, and that the community that’s growing here has the chance to take these experiences elsewhere, to the cliffs and boulders, and get to experience everything climbing can offer. There might only be a small fraction of people who do that, and that’s fine. I hope that awareness travels with people, that they're good representatives of the sport, that more people get to be a part of this.”

We wish Michael well on his next endeavors!

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Meet one of our Nittany winners of the Be Our Guest contest! Kate won a free yearlong membership to the climbing gym in our raffle! Congratulations and happy climbing, Kate!

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Climber Spotlight: Nick Foster -Director of Routesetting

I got into climbing through a childhood friend. We visited the local climbing gym in Portland, Maine. I found this was something that I wanted to do with my life. I remember going up to the front desk and asking the manager what the process of setting looked like… He slid a wrench across the table and said, “Use one of these”. Much of setting is drawn from outside inspiration. Competitions are a really good testing lab to see what you can make climbers do, how to make climbers think, and interact with what you put on the wall. Setters always get questions. Do you draw it out? Do you have a computer program? For myself, I like to be very spontaneous. Use the holds that are provided and think outside the box to try to get climbers outside their comfort zones. Routesetting and climbers are in a symbiotic relationship. You can look at a boulder and know the climb is ergonomic. You can tell when they're kind of sticking it to the climber and making them do something really uncomfortable. I have been excited to climb with this community, but now with this position, I'm able to challenge the community and stimulate the routesetters. You’re never too young or too old to get into climbing. It's our job to be as inclusive as we can with the products that we put on the wall. We need to allow a new climber that's never even heard of rock climbing to come through our doors and find stimulation and success and challenge seasoned climbers who know their ins and outs and want to have a good session. I encourage and invite the community to always approach the routsetters, even though naturally routesetters are a little intimidating and maybe even a little grizzly. We're just people and climbers like yourselves. We want to know what you find exciting and what you want more of. So don't be afraid of it. We are cooking stuff up in the kitchen and if it does or doesn't taste good, we certainly want to know.

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Meet Our Ohio winner of the Be Our Guest contest! Avigail won a free yearlong membership to the climbing gym by bringing the most first-time guests to our facilities in Ohio. Congratulations and happy climbing, Avigail!

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Climber Spotlight: Paige (She/Her) [Part 2]

"I'm really proud of the other ways we have been able to make climbing more accessible as well. Such as our Community Days, Adaptive Ascents, Open Door Membership, and support of local organizations like @queerclimbingcolumbus. Another piece of my heart is with the groups I get to bring into the gym to climb. Getting Adaptive Ascents started back up was a huge goal of mine. Adaptive Ascents will be running every other month this year, which I'm excited to see it expand. We are so thankful for all the climbers and volunteers who help us make this event possible. central_community_house is a wonderful local nonprofit that we've been able to partner with to provide free climbing events for their kids. I also had the pleasure last year of introducing climbing to the folks at @naicco1975 (the Native American Indian Coalition of Central Ohio). I really believe that it doesn't matter your age, background, fitness level, etc., climbing is for everyone! Making climbing accessible to everyone is a challenge but one I am dedicated to. I am proud that people in our gyms can show up as themselves and we can help them climb.
Although I'm a boulderer at heart, my goal for this year is to get myself on the ropes a little more and definitely get more comfortable with my lead climbing. If you ever see me in the gym, feel free to stop me and say hi and chat with me. I'd love to get to know you and get to know what climbing means to you and get to know the needs and the desires of our community and how 5.Life can best fit those."

@climbingby5.life is a women-owned and operated company.

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Climber Spotlight: Paige (She/Her) [Part 1]

"My current role is facility manager at Vertical Adventures, as well as the membership coordinator and group coordinator for all of 5.life. Before working at the climbing gym, I was working for OSU, doing research and working on my masters. After doing all of that online due to COVID for a few years, it was taking a major toll on my mental health and I needed to switch to a job that brought me more joy and more personal connection with people. When I started climbing, I was immediately attracted to the community and just how friendly everyone here was. Seeing how life changing climbing has been for people… It’s so much more than a form of exercise... I’m excited to give new climbers the best experience possible when they climb with us. I know how life changing this community is and I want new climbers to feel that.
There are a variety of access issues that can keep people from climbing and the outdoors. But I am happy to say I believe 5.Life is playing a major role in making climbing as accessible as possible. Getting the Open Door Membership started has been a huge step in making climbing more financially accessible. A piece of my heart has definitely gone into the Open Door Membership. I can think of many different people who have benefitted from this access. Single parents, climbers with financial hardships, and people with disabilities, and so many more we are able to support with this programs. We all know it's just a hard world to live in right now financially and then let alone when you add being a single parent or dealing with medical debt or dealing with workplace discrimination where you don't feel like you have a comfortable place that you can make money. It is a new membership option, so we're getting the word out about it. Any climber out there who feels privileged financially can support the Open Door Memberships via a monthly add on to your existing membership. You pick any amount you want to give each month. That amount is added to your membership and specifically used to help sustain the Open Door Membership."

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❤️ A very special someone dropped us a line this morning from the other side of the globe. Wishing Andrew well in his service. Looking like a pretty legit setup between the hangboard and the mug! We miss that smile around the gym! Stay strong, and see you down the road.

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❤️Valentine's Day BOGO❤️ Climbing is the perfect Valentine's Day excursion. All are welcome. Try something new and celebrate the day with partners, friends, or family! Buy one get one for day passes all day on February 14th.

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🥂New Year's Hours🥂 A reminder that all our facilities close on December 31 at 6pm and are fully closed on January 1. See you in 2023!

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🎄Holiday Hours🎄 December 24, we close early at 6pm and on December 25, we are closed for the holiday. Grab your holiday gifts from our proshop, and don't forget about Bonus Bucks.

💸Bonus Bucks | Gift the gift of climbing this year! For every $100 you spend on gift cards, you get $25 in Bonus Bucks

❄️Winter Holiday Camp | Our youth holiday camp starts December 19. Let them climb our walls, not yours!

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🚨Cyber Monday Sale🚨 Today only, buy a 10-punch-pass and get 13 punches. Don't miss out! Buy your Baker's Dozen Punch Pass today!🎁🤩 Link in bio.

*extra passes will be added in gym

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