We had a great turnout on September 28th at the Vertical Adventures ABS15 Local–we had 25 climbers from Intermediate, Advanced, and Team Vertical participate! Some shout-outs go to Teyah C. (2nd, FYB), Julianna S. (4th, FYB), Ezri W. (6th, FYB), Amira E. (4th FYD), Kristen B. (5th, FYC), Ella B. (6th FYC), Kennedy M (4th FYD), Sam R (1st, MYB), Gus R (3rd, MYB), Nuri E (4th, MYB), Aaron M (5th, MYB), Ben R (1st, MYC), Will K (1st, MYD), Ty C (2nd MYC), and Blake D (4th MYD).

Great job!