Wide-footed climbers are always searching for climbing shoes that fit their feet. When most of what you see in the gym or online is catered to narrow-footed climbers, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never get that right fit. Don’t give up yet, and don’t settle for a narrow shoe; a light is at the end of the tunnel.

Like feet, climbing shoes come in all shapes and sizes! You may only be aware of the popular narrow options, but many brands also have versions for wide-footed climbers. This revelation can bring a sense of relief and excitement, knowing that there are climbing shoes out there designed specifically for your feet. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert climber, a properly fitted pair of climbing shoes will not only enhance your performance but also boost your confidence. The feeling of security and capability that comes with the right shoes can make all the difference in your climbing experience.

Wide feet? No problem! Below, you’ll find the top 5 climbing shoes for wide-footed climbers categorized by the style of climbing or experience level they’re best suited for.

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Beginner Climbing

Best for: Beginner climbers

Evolv Defy

Evolv is well-known for creating high-quality performance climbing shoes, but don’t ignore their entry-level models. The Evolv Defy promotes comfort to help beginner climbers feel more confident on the wall.

The Defy has a neutral shape and a wide-toe box, making it suitable for climbers looking for beginner shoes. The ‘neutral shape’ means the shoe doesn’t force your foot into an arched position, and a ‘wide toe box’ provides more room for your toes to spread out. The stiff sole and comfortable forefoot allow climbers to focus on their technique without cramming their toes.

Gym Climbing

Best for Beginners to advanced climbers in the gym

Scarpa Veloce

The Veloce is Scarpa’s first gym-specific training shoe. It’s a perfect choice for climbers who want something more advanced than their entry-level shoe or advanced climbers looking for a training model.

Instead of coming to a sharp point, like almost every shoe model out there, the Scarpa Veloce favors a blunt, rounded curve. This wider toe-box design allows for more space in the pinky toes and is an excellent option for wide-footed climbers.

Budget-friendly Climbing

Best for: Beginner to intermediate climber

Butora Acro

The Acro is an excellent budget-friendly shoe option for wide-footed beginner to intermediate climbers. The downturned shape and medium-stiff sole perform well on various terrains. It’s a solid choice as an all-around climbing shoe that won’t break the bank.

The Acro comes in a narrow (blue) and wide (orange) model, so make sure you grab the correct color when testing these out. Those with wide feet will love this slipper-style aggressive climbing shoe.

Outdoor Climbing

Best for: Outdoor climbers

La Sportiva Miura VS

La Sportiva first introduced this shoe in the ’90s, and for good reason, it hasn’t changed much. Initially, the Miura was only a lace-up version but has been redesigned for this Velcro model created for wider feet.

The Miura VS offers a wider and higher-volume fit than its original model. When pro climbers are seen rocking this sport climbing shoe, it’s no wonder the Miura has stood the test of time.

The Top Choice

Best for: All-around climbers

La Sportiva Skwama

La Sportiva has a rich history in climbing. They routinely design the highest quality climbing shoes and are recognized for their versatility and performance. The La Sportiva Skwama is the perfect option for wide-footed climbers looking to grab a performance shoe that can do it all.

The wide-toe box, soft construction, and unlined leather allow this shoe to mold perfectly to your feet once broken in. Whether you’re smearing, edging, or climbing in the gym or outdoors, the Skwama can do it.

Climbing Shoe Widths Aren’t Universal

Don’t blindly pick a pair you’ve heard your friends rave about when choosing a new climbing shoe for your wide foot. What works for them may not work for you.

Each brand designs its shoes slightly differently, so sizing climbing shoes can be a bit of a challenge. However, this also means that you have the power to find the perfect fit for your wide foot. Try on many different brands before deciding on a single pair, and take control of your climbing shoe choice.

Climbing Shoe Material and Closure Systems

Shoes made with rubber will not stretch as much as shoes made with leather. Remember that a leather shoe will mold your wide foot better after the break-in period. When purchasing a rubber shoe, you want to ensure the size isn’t too small out of the box because it won’t stretch as much.

The closure system also plays a vital role in wide-footed climbing shoes. Laces allow a more customizable fit but take longer to put on/remove. Velcro is great for a quick-and-easy wear option but doesn’t allow you to tighten/loosen in as many specific areas. Slipper-style climbing shoes don’t let you customize the fit, so get the correct size depending on the type of material the shoe is made of. Here’s a quick comparison: Laces-customizable fit, longer to put on/remove. Velcro-quick-and-easy, less customizable. Slipper-style-no customization, choose size based on material.