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First-Time Visitors: Save time and get FREE rental gear by completing your waiver and orientation video online.  

Discover – Helping Everyone Climb

Discover the indoor sport of climbing. We are here to help you through the first steps of your 5.Life journey. Here you will learn foundational skills needed to navigate indoor climbing.

Discover FUNdamentals

Discover climbing FUNdamentals- Foundation, Understanding, and Nurturing – in this 90-min community class. At the end you will have more confidence in climbing movement and have a foundation from which to progress your climbing. 

Develop – Mentoring Your Climbing

Develop upon your exploration of climbing by building your toolbox, deepening your skills, and defining your growth as a climber.  

Climbing V3

Develop techniques to bridge over the first major plateau in climbing. Participants will work on precision footwork, techniques for hand positions, and sequencing that allows for increased success.



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